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Amy's Art Studio

The road to nowhere

See and buy Amy's art in person.
Tanque Verde/Catalina Highway
Viva Burrito Parking lot
From 11am to 3pm

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To contact Amy or to request a showing, please call or text:

(262) 327-1207

About the Artist

Amy Lanterman is an intuitive abstract artist who lives in Tucson, Arizona.  She states, “My art is a colorful web keeping the viewer in a playful atmosphere of exploration and imagination.” Most of her work is manipulating items from nature and creating pieces that develop into a textural design that emanates joy and peace and expresses the vibrant spirit of nature.
She enjoys the creation of culture and during various times of the year, Amy creates art with her own interpretation of the symbolic meaning and spirit behind celebrations.
As a child growing up in Colorado, Amy developed her passion for art sitting on the floor while her mother painted.  Her mom would provide her with paint and various pieces of wood, canvas or objects to express her imagination. 
Since the early 90’s Amy traveled the country with her two small children selling her work to various galleries in Santa Fe, San Francisco, New York and various other cities. 
Over the years her work has included several different mediums of art forms such as art with recycled glass, deconstructed wasp nests, various findings in the plant world, wood and painting.  Because Amy has never pigeonholed her art to be one certain style, she is always finding new pathways to express her talent. 

Amy Lanteman comes with her deeply personal imagination, creating spiritual images derived from the depths of the soul. Moulding nature and making a cornucopia of medium her muse.

Johnny Morgan @ Art Critic

Buy the Art

All original art painted and signed by Amy. Shipping is available on your dime.

Brain Waves

Amy Lanteman

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Oil on Canvas. Unframed

18″ x 30″.

Sunday Best

Amy Lanteman

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Oil on Canvas. Unframed.

18″ x  24″

Cosmic Essence

Amy Lanteman

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Oil on Canvas. Framed.

18″ x 18″